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Stone Spirit #133Stone Spirit #133Stone Spirit #125 explores the exquisite beauty of the micro world and the common design elements throughout creation. Stone Spirits is an intimate expression of Anima Mundi or Soul of the World. Photography by Dennis W. Felty - Northstar Gallery

As elements of this exquisite beauty reveal themselves, you are confronted with the question of intentionality. What purpose does such beauty serve when it is buried so deep in the elements of creation and that only very small aspects are ever subject to perception? In the micro world of "Stone Spirits"   the universe calls to us. It is this question that transcends molecular structures and the effect of heat and pressure that suggests the name "Stone Spirits". One must ask: Is such beauty inherent in creation or is it essential for emerged consciousness to affirm it's own relevance through the exquisite perception of it's beauty?


"The contemplation of beauty 

causes the soul to grow wings."






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