Cognisys Stack Shot System

September 02, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

In the last few weeks I have begun to use the Cognisys Stackshot system. The Nikon D850 camera is mounted on the Stackshot rail and a motor turns a screw on the rail advancing the camera a fraction of a millimeter. The control system trips the cameras shutter at each stop allowing a series of exposures to be made at precise focus points. Zerene Stacker is used to compile all the exposures into a single image selecting areas of best focus from each image. I have been getting best results from compiling 100 exposures to create a single image. The camera and Stackshot are mounted on a modified Durst 138 5x7 enlarger. This creates a high resolution microscope optical system with the capacity to capture the micro images of "Stone Spirits".


The Allan Walls Cage Project has additional information on the technology of this setup.

Nikon D850 and Cognisys Stackshot railCognisys Stackshot System for Extreme Micro Photography




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