Ridged Pipe Wrench

December 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

"Tool Portraits", "Northstar Gallery", "Ridgid Wrench", "hand tool" Ridgid Pipe Wrench The wrench is from the artists series Tool Portraits - Northstar Gallery. The series celebrates the beauty of well used hand tools.

Tool Portraits - Ridgid Pipe Wrench

The Northstar Gallery presents Tool Portraits which celebrates the beauty of well used hand tools such as this Ridged Pipe wrench. The tools are photographed in the artists studio in portrait format. The image beckons thoughts about the vast array of work the wrench was applied to over the many years of its useful life. The worn paint, the nicks, the worn edges all testify to many years of making and fixing things essential to our everyday lives. If it could tell its story what would be said? Also of interest in these beautiful tools is the vision and creativity of the individuals who designed them not only to be functional tools but to have great esthetic value. When viewed a hundred years from now, will the tools of our current digital age have the same esthetic value possessed by tools from the analogue age?  To view Tool Portraits click here.


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