Anima Mundi & Stone Spirits Fine Art Photography

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Anima Mundi


Stone Spirits

Stone spirits formed of the dawning of creation.

Speaking of life-force and the secrets of heat and passion.

Never calling in word but touching our sole in beauty and promise.

Look past the science of matter to the essence of being.

A moment of wisdom, a moment of truth.  

                                                                                                         by the artist


In the moment of creation there was an infinitely small singularity that transformed into a super-heated hydrogen plasma. Over time complex hydrogen atoms emerged from the plasma and formed the first stars of our universe. These first generation stars burned through their hydrogen fuel and devolved into super nova’s sending out massive releases of energy which formed the diverse atoms that make up our known universe including all the atoms that form you and I and the minerals observed in Stone Spirits. The material of the super nova created dust clouds that  coalesced into our first galaxies. New suns formed and ignited their nuclear fires. Gravity captured dust particles that coalesced into proto planets that grew into large planets. Some planets, that were favorably situated and able to sustain a stable climate for several billion years, saw life emerge from a planetary molecular stews rich in chemicals and energy.

The physical laws of the universe reveal an elegance that is hard to grasp. For the universe to evolve from a hydrogen plasma to its current state required the force of gravity, the speed of light, the qualities of sub-atomic particles, the amount of black energy and black matter, the force of magnetism the qualities of basic elements to be exactly what they are. Slight variations, even at the level of 30 decimal places would have resulted in the universe dissipating into nothingness or collapsing back into a singularity.

The mineral structures captured in Stone Spirits were formed perhaps 30 million years ago. They are the product of complex multi-phase geologic processes comprised of intense heat, pressure, and complex chemistry.

On Earth simple one celled expressions of life emerged and became incrementally more complex and in that process intellect and consciousness emerged. That intellect acquired the capacity to form concepts and use tools, eventually building telescopes and turning them towards the night-sky. As they looked at objects at increasingly greater distance, they realized they were also looking back in time observing the physical stages of the evolution of the universe and the incredible path that had been traveled.


Anima Mundi

A momentary vision

Perceptions of the eternal

Born of the fires of creation

Chaos and Destruction

Darkness into light


                     by the artist


In doing so, they observed a path of 13.7 billion years and saw the process of our cosmic creation and in doing so validated and affirmed the path that had been traveled. The personal experience of looking outward and encountering a consciousness that affirms the relevance and beauty of creation is a powerful expression of Anima Mundi or Soul of Earth. 

In observing the images of Anima Mundi and Stone Spirits each observer sees their own set of figures, forms, totems, masks, angels and devils.  The structures, forms, colors harken to the process of destruction and rebirth that serves as the central force of our universe. These shapes, forms and totems become metaphors for the path that has led to this moment in a moment.

For millions of years the beauty inherent in Stone Spirits remained hidden deep in the ground and unperceived. Even today it cannot be experienced without a microscope and camera. The forms, shapes and colors of Stone Spirits repeat across creation. Images captured at the micro level remind us of images captured by the Hubble at the cosmic level. What is the significance that we are observing common elements of design across all of creation? One could spend a lifetime photographing the micro-structures of a single stone or a single seashell. In fact, one has the sense that the entire universe is held in the exquisite micro-structures under observation.


The Artist

Whose hand creates the line?

Whose eye holds the Vision?

Whose heart feels the passion?

Whose finger chooses the color?

Who says it is done?


                                by the artist


Who created this beauty? Is it happenstance solely the product of random molecules being forged in unique ways? Was this beauty created for the perception of emerging consciousness or does the emerging consciousness assign the value of beauty as an affirmation of its own consciousness.

Who created the complex rules that define the processes of how gravity, light, dark matter, protons, energy and electrons interact to create moments that results in such unique perceptions of beauty?


Dennis W. Felty



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