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Anima Mundi or Soul of the World is a selection of photographs that elicit a deep emotional and at times a spiritual response to the compelling beauty of creation. Photography by Dennis W. Felty Northstar Gallery.
Stone spirit #124Staglieno Cimitero, Genoa, ItalyStone Spirit #122Ammonte1942 CadillacStone SpiritStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, ItalyStone Spirit #125OwlThe Sikhote-Alin Meteoritestone #1201942 CadillacSikhote-Alin Meteorite RussiaStone Spirit #166Realto Beach Olymbic National Park WashingtonSarajevo Bosnia and HerzegovinaAngel Cemitero de Campo RomeThe MultiverseAngel Baer VermontTool as Art

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