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Flesh & Stone explores memorial and cemetery art from around the world. The images delve into the mythical relationship of flesh and stone. As an example the phrase "dust to dust" and the Medusa, who when gazed upon, turned men into stone. The Stone Spirit images are from the classic cemeteries of Milan, Genova, Paris and Moscow.
Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa, ItalyStaglieno Cimitero, Genoa, ItalyStaglieno Cimitero, Genoa, ItalyFlesh & StoneFlesh & StoneFlesh & StoneStaglieno Cimitero, Genoa, ItalyFlesh & StoneFlesh & StoneFlesh & StoneMonumental Cimitero - Milan ItalyFlesh & StoneFlesh & StoneFlesh & StoneFlesh & StoneFlesh & StonePere Lachaise - Paris

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