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Stone Spirits are micro (through a microscope) images of a form of crystalline agate. Within the stone, one can observe exquisite expressions of color, form, structure and shape. The mineral structures were formed millions of years ago and each color and form is the product of a complex geologic and chemical process. Demons, angels, birds, maidens and saints can be found in the images. Each Stone Spirit is an intimate expression of Anima Mundi or Soul of the World. The celebration of exquisite stones have been expressed in ancient art of Suiseki, "Scholar's Stones", Gongshi and Manitou.
Stone Spirit #122Stone spirit #124Stone Spirit #110Stone Spirit #125Stone Spriit #125Stone Spirit #120Stone SpiritStone SpiritStone SpiritStone Spirit #123Stone SpiritStone SpiritStone SpiritStone Spirit #109Stone Spirit #170Stone Spirit #180Stone Spirit #162Stone Spirit #125Stone Spirit #109Stone Spirit #135

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